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We are a custom design transformer house with 50,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity. Our competent design engineering staff is ready to design any magnetic component to your specific needs. We have an excellent relationship with Underwriter Laboratories in Northbrook, Illinois and have standing 155C and 180C insulating systems on file. We are approved, recognized, and listed with the following private, public, and governmental agencies: U.L., CSA, MIL-T27D, TUV, CEE, and VDE.

At QSE, we design and manufacture to your requirements. We make units that weigh ten grams and units that weigh 300 pounds. We produce 1 milliwatt to 5 KVA, transformers and coils in a variety of styles and applications, including audio, line matching, pulse, switching, toroids, power, auto, chokes, pot core, nickel core, ferrite core, silicon core, encapsulation, potting, wax, varnish, epoxy, and silastics in all sizes, shapes, and configurations, including surface mounts. Ask us, and we will do it!

We are forty-five years young and progressively growing each year. We have four major partnerships located in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, China; each manufacturer employs over 1,000 people. We also have a warehouse in Hong Kong for easier international shipping.

Products are shipped F.O.B. Watseka or EXW Hong Kong. We will ship parts any way you request with an on-time delivery record and great quality service guaranteed!

Everything we make is USA designed, agency approved (if required), stocked, and shipped from our Watseka facilities or will stock in Hong Kong if requested. We maintain a Vendor inventory management program for all our customers. This program is designed so you can get your custom design produced at the best price and held in inventory with a "blanket" order from our customers waiting for releases. We are a unique company that is your 24/7 supplier on custom-made parts with an "off the shelf" concept that meets all your needs.

Thank you for your consideration of QSE, Inc. We anxiously look to the future with you and your company!

QSE: Ordinary or Extraordinary, We Engineer Them All

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